The Quest for the Great Pearl

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The Quest for the Great Pearl

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  • There is trouble brewing in the exotic Evergreen Forest. Rex the Lion and Rajah the Elephant are very concerned about it. To restore peace and order, the animals have to find the mysterious Great Pearl. A motley gang of animals bravely step up for the task and go on a wild and exciting journey that takes them to places such as The Crystal Mountain and The Land of a Thousand Waters.

Cover Type: Paperback

Age Range : 9-12

Page Count: 182

This series consist of 4 books :

Book 1 - Tony Tapir and Friends

Book 2 - The Quest for the Great Pearl

Book 3 - The Mystery of the Missing Tapirs

Book 4 - Guardians of the Forest Arise

The Quest for the Great Pearl

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  • Publisher: Other Publisher
  • Categories: (7-12 years old) children's book
  • Barcode: 9789671015421



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