The Mystery of the Missing Tapirs

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The Mystery of the Missing Tapirs

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  • Evergreen Forest is once again abuzz with activity. Someone has kidnapped the young tapirs and Duke Duck. Who is the wicked mastermind behind these kidnappings? What is his motive? Join Tony Tapir and his friends as they crack secret passwords and uncover the identity of the mysterious Purple Peril.

ISBN: 9789671015476
Age range: 9-12
Page Count: 168

This series consist of 4 books :

Book 1 - Tony Tapir and Friends

Book 2 - The Quest for the Great Pearl

Book 3 - The Mystery of the Missing Tapirs

Book 4 - Guardians of the Forest Arise

The Mystery of the Missing Tapirs


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  • Publisher: Other Publisher
  • Categories: New Arrivals
  • Barcode: 9789671015476



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