Flashcard : The World of Eric Carle 123s

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Flashcard : The World of Eric Carle 123s

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Master prekindergarten, kindergarten, and first grade skills with 123s flash cards while also maximizing learning and comprehension.

INCLUDES: This set of 82 flash cards includes 80 cards showing each number 1-20 as a numeral, word, set, and in a ten frame; and 2 bonus cards that include learning activities and games. Each card has a rounded corner for fast and easy flipping.

EARLY LEARNING NECESSITY: Using flash cards increases concentration and improves recall. Flash cards are a tried and true way to successfully retain information. These are a great addition to workbooks, worksheets and lessons.

Flashcard : The World of Eric Carle 123s

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  • Publisher: Carson Dellosa
  • Categories: Educational
  • Barcode: 9781483838472



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