My Little Village :My Marketplace

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My Little Village :My Marketplace

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The market is bustling with people and shopkeepers. Learn all about where the food on the market comes from in the fully photographic 64-page book and then act out real market situations on the enclosed jigsaw puzzle and with the wooden characters.

Learning through play.

A fun activity kit that includes:

  • A great 64 pages book about markets around the world
  • 2 high-quality wooden trucks and 6 cardboard people to encourage imaginative play
  • A box that transforms into the inside of a shopping centre
  • A puzzle with 16 chunky pieces to create a busy marketplace scene (42 x 42 cm)
  • Various cardboard elements to enhance the play value

The kit provides endless opportunities for learning and stimulating the child's senses. The content is graphically designed in colours and the layout is appropriate for young children.

My Little Village: My Marketplace

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Product Description

  • Publisher: Globe Publishing
  • Categories: (3-7 years old) children's book
  • Barcode: 9788778841322



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