Flap Book : In The Jungle

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Flap Book : In The Jungle

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The lush green jungles are full of life. Chattering monkeys, roaring lions, trumpeting elephants, and many more animals wandering deep inside the jungle fascinate children. ‘In the Jungle – Flap Book’ is here to help tiny tots meet unique big and small jungle animals with vibrant colours.   

• Ideal for age-group 3-6 
• 10 colourful pages 
• Fascinating facts 
• Lovely images 
• Adorable cover design 
• Colourful presentation 

Designed to enhance curious little learners’ reading experience and build an early learning foundation, this book makes a wonderful gift. Step into the magical jungle world and find the cute creatures under the flaps in this charming book. 

10 pages, paperback

Size : 30 x 21cm

Flap Book : In The Jungle


Product Description

  • Publisher: Dreamland Publications
  • Categories: (3-7 years old) children's book
  • Barcode: 9788195163205



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