Mini Picture Etch Art : Manga

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Mini Picture Etch Art : Manga

Etch Art


Product Size 18.5 x 26 cm

Create beautiful pieces of etch art with Art Maker Essentials: Picture Etch Wild Animals! 1. Use your practice panel to experiment with the etch tool. Finer strokes will be achieved with the tip of the tool. 2. Place a piece of paper under your hand to prevent accidental marks and begin at the top of the panel. 3. Scratch away the lines to reveal the colour finish underneath. As you go, use a damp cloth to brush away the shavings.

- Multiple Reveal Options for every picture, 7 beautiful etch - art pictures

Mini Picture Etch Art : Manga


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  • Publisher: Hinkler
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  • Barcode: 9354537009724



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