Art Maker: Watercolour Inks

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Art Maker: Watercolour Inks

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Under the expert tutelage of watercolour artist Sarah White, Hinkler’s Art Maker Watercolour Inks will take complete novices through to those looking to perfect their watercolour art techniques to the next level. Across six informative chapters, the 48-page book in this kit covers tools and materials, watercolour techniques, as well as in-depth advice on painting botanicals and florals, animals, birds and portraiture. 

Drawing from her extensive experience, Sarah White provides clear and professional advice on how to get the most out of this highly fluid and beautiful medium. Best of all, it has everything inside needed to start painting right now!

• 6 watercolour inks
• 1 paintbrush
• 5 sheets of watercolour paper
• 48-page instruction book 
• 64-page sketchbook

Art Maker: Watercolour Inks


Product Description

  • Publisher: Hinkler
  • Categories: Activity Book
  • Barcode: 9781488922732



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