Art Maker Ultimate Manga Carry Case

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Art Maker Ultimate Manga Carry Case

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Product Size 394 x 281 x 55 mm

Learn to draw striking manga artwork in the classic style of Japanese comic books, movies and graphic novels!

This all-inclusive kit has everything you need to start drawing unique manga right away. The 48-page book has tips and tricks for drawing in this distinctive style, plus plenty of ideas and inspiration to help you add personality to your characters. Then use the specialist manga tools to create your own awesome characters!


Kit includes:                                                                          
• 48-page instruction book 
• 64-page sketch book
• 6 specialist manga pens
• 2 fineliners 
• 2 graphite pencils 
• A sharpener 
• A curved ruler 
• An eraser

Art Maker Ultimate Manga Carry Case

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Product Description

  • Publisher: Hinkler
  • Categories: Drawing/Doodle/Paint/Scratch Art
  • Barcode: 9781488948749



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