Anatomy of Cycling

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Anatomy of Cycling



To excel as a cyclist you need a well-rounded fitness approach one that strengthens a wide range of muscles and tones your whole body from head to toe. In Anatomy of Cycling, you will find an array of exercises selected to benefit the muscle groups cyclists use most. Beginning with targeted stretches that will increase flexibility, you will then begin specially-designed exercise routines that thoroughly strengthen the legs and arms, fire up your core, refine your balance and posture on the bike, challenge your stamina, and much more. Designed for all cyclists from weekend warriors to those training for events Anatomy of Cycling provides clear, step-by-step illustrated instructions, each with helpful tips on how to perform the exercise correctly and what to avoid. Packed with detailed, true-to-life anatomical drawings showing the muscles that benefit most from each movement, and exercises and training programs specifi cally designed for cyclists.

Anatomy of Cycling


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