My Activity- Dot to Dot Activity Book

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My Activity- Dot to Dot Activity Book

Dot to Dot Activity Book


Dot-to-dot activities are great fun. ‘My Activity – Dot-to-Dot’ is full of cute images that make learning fun. Doing these activities is wonderful for improving hand-eye coordination. 

• Ideal for age group 2-5 
• Entertaining and educational activities  
• More than 30 activities 
• Interesting engaging images   

Connecting dots activities teach kids how to create shapes and other images. The images that emerge on completing the dot-to-dot drawings show the benefits of hard work improving number skills and hand-eye coordination in a fun way. 

32 pages, Paperback

Size : 20.3 x 25.4 x 4.7 cm

My Activity- Dot to Dot Activity Book


Product Description

  • Publisher: Dreamland Publications
  • Categories: None
  • Barcode: 9789350898918



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