Brilliant Brain Activity Book (Age 7+)

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Brilliant Brain Activity Book (Age 7+)

Brain Activity Book


Activity-based learning has emerged as a potential model for helping a child understand concepts easily and achieve the goals of education. ‘Brilliant Brain Activity Book’ for young learners includes all the activities such as match the following, colouring, counting, and much more. 

• Ideal for ages 7-8 
• Fun way to keep the brain active  
• Promotes motor skills 
• Develops confidence   
• Charming images  

This book of short mental exercises will help children to make new neural pathways and have fun with child-centric themes. It will not just keep them engaged but gainfully and creatively enjoy the learning process. 

88 pages, paperback 

Size : 27.5*21.5cm

Brilliant Brain Activity Book (Age 7+)

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  • Publisher: Dreamland Publications
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  • Barcode: 9789389281057



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