Brilliant Brain Activity Book ( Age 5+)

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Brilliant Brain Activity Book ( Age 5+)

Brain Activity Book


‘Brilliant Brain Activity Book’ is a delightful collection of activities, fill in the blanks, find the difference, circle the correct object, and more. This book is full of fun-filled brain-scratching activities that will help children build their logical thinking and observational skills. Plenty of topics have been put together in this activity book to stir the inner intelligence of young learners. 

• A gift for ages 5-6 
• Interesting, interactive activities 
• Colourful pages  
• Productive way to keep children busy 
• Develops problem-solving and self-thinking skills 
• Includes answers 

This book has 88 pages with more than 300 vivid activities on various topics is sure to promote creativity, help kids develop skills and even improve concentration.  

88 pages, paperback

Size : 27.5*21.5cm

Brilliant Brain Activity Book ( Age 5+)

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  • Publisher: Dreamland Publications
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  • Barcode: 9789389281033



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