Brilliant Brain Activity Book ( Age 4+)

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Brilliant Brain Activity Book ( Age 4+)

Brain Activity Book


Activity-based learning has emerged as a potential model for helping a child understand concepts easily and achieve the goals of education. ‘Brilliant Brain Activity Book – 4+’ for young learners includes matching, colouring, counting, animals and many more educational activities. 

• Ideal for ages 4-5 
• Purposeful activities 
• Encourage learning  
• 88 pages 
• Cute cover design 
• High-quality book    

This book of short mental exercises will help little ones to build up important skills like problem-solving, shapes and letters, sorting, patterns, and many more. Each activity of this book will encourage children to make new neural pathways and have fun with child-centric themes.  

88 pages, paperback bookcover is in YELLOW

Size : 27.5*21.5cm

Brilliant Brain Activity Book ( Age 4+)

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  • Publisher: Dreamland Publications
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  • Barcode: 9789389281026



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