10 Things I Love About Me

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10 Things I Love About Me

(3-7 years old) children's book


Finding silver linings! Looking on the bright side! Recognising and understanding the positive elements of everyday life. These are skills that are important to all children. Learning to navigate life's big and little challenges needs practice and encouragement. Discussing such moments may provide children with an opportunity to better appreciate what they have and connect with the people around them.
These simple-to-read books help parents, educators, guardians and children have meaningful discussions, with...
- Fun illustrated characters that provide context for thins that children typically love about their days and themselves.
- Simple, relatable text that gives everyday experiences new significance.
- Scenarios that prompt children to reflect on their own lives and the people around them.
Often, children struggle to find the right words to communicate how they feel. This range of books builds the necessary vocabulary to help shape and develop their thoughts and emotions... Learning Can Be Fun!

Hardcover, 20 pages

Size : 24.5 x 24.5cm

10 Things I Love About Me


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  • Publisher: Learning Can Be Fun
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