Financial Literacy Lessons & Activities, Grade 1

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Financial Literacy Lessons & Activities, Grade 1

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Give first grade students important life skills by teaching them about money and financial concepts and how to apply math to the world around them!

This dynamic teaching resource provides reproducible cut-out math manipulatives, reference sheets, and visual aids to support students as they explore real-world lessons and hands-on activities related to using money, buying groceries, collecting allowances, paying at a restaurant, raising money to help others, and more.

What's Inside

Financial Literacy Lessons and Activities Grade 1 is based on current national and state standards, and each of the 10 units includes:

  • Teacher overview with a suggested teaching plan, discussion questions, and vocabulary
  • Real-world story that introduces each unit's theme in the context of real life
  • Cross-curricular activities including vocabulary, reading comprehension, and social studies
  • Math application that presents scenarios using money-based word problems
  • Hands-on activities such as partner and whole-class games and role playing that bring the concepts to life

Real World Topics Include:

Shopping for clothes, Fundraising, Saving money, Using banks, Paying bills, Using credit cards, Earning money, Buying groceries, Using money in different countries, Making a fair trade, Raising money, Paying to go places, Making a budget, Paying taxes, Making and taking out loans, Making money in investments and many more!

144 pages, Includes answer key.

Paperback, Size: 27.5 x 21.5cm


Financial Literacy Lessons & Activities, Grade 1


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  • Publisher: Evan Moor
  • Categories: New Arrivals
  • Barcode: 9781645142652



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