When I'm Feeling Happy (H/B)

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When I'm Feeling Happy (H/B)

Trace Moroney Books


Strong feelings are hard to cope with at any age. But they are particularly difficult for small children, who have no experience or perspective. They may not even have the words to express what they're going through.

These four books by Trace Moroney, the first of their kind, are specially designed to help young children understand their feelings and to accept them as something that everyone goes through from time to time. The message of the books is to tell children - and their parents - that it's OK to feel scared, sad or angry sometimes. It happens to us all, and the feelings won't last forever.

With touches of humour, and enchanting illustrations, Trace shows a cuddly bunny character in various situations that provoke all the above emotions.

A child psychologist from the Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne, has written Background Notes for Parents, which are included at the end of each book. These notes, based on years of practical experience and research, emphasise the fact that love and acceptance are the key to everything. Children who feel loved and accepted are able to enjoy life to the full - and to better cope with anger, sadness and fear, or any other negative emotions.

When I'm Feeling Happy (H/B)

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