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CMS : The Lion And The Hare
BARCODE: 9789673242825 | PUBLISHER: Little Sun
PRICE: $2.80

This series consists of four fables suitable for children in the primary school. The language is simple while the pictures are interesting and colourful so as to maintain the reader's interest. Some more difficult words are introduced to help increase the vocabulary base of the child. Following the main story, each book has the following sections : Moral, Vocabulary, Comprehension and General Knowledge.

Colour Me Happy
BARCODE: 9781405009096 | PUBLISHER: Miscellaneous
PRICE: $5.90

When I'm brave, colour me orange. A celebration of feelings with a fabulous rainbow finale!

Creepy crawly calypso book & CD
BARCODE: 9781846868283 | PUBLISHER: Bare Foot Books
PRICE: $14.90

Jump an djive from one to ten with this boisterous band of min beasts! Find lots of fascinating facts about the creepy crawlies of the Caribbean as well as the instruments in a typical calypso band. The rhythmic singalong features an enhanced CD with audio and video animation of the story.

Cuddle Up Tight
BARCODE: 9781405051538 | PUBLISHER: Miscellaneous
PRICE: $5.90

A warm and funny story for every toddler who takes too many toys to bed!

Cummy And His Honey Pot
BARCODE: 9789673242603 | PUBLISHER: Little Sun
PRICE: $2.80

The books in this series are reader-friendly with simple text and easy grammar. There is a Moral Values section to help the children to develop good habit, good moral characteristics and politeness.

Curious George Goes To Chocolate Factory
BARCODE: 9781406300383 | PUBLISHER: Miscellaneous
PRICE: $6.90

When George and the man with the yellow hat stop at a chocolate factory, George becomes curious about how the chocolates are made. He joins the factory tour but it's not long before he is off investigating on his own.

Curious George Goes To The Hospital
BARCODE: 9780590034265 | PUBLISHER: Miscellaneous
PRICE: $6.90

Readers learn all about the hospital as George goes in for an operation to remove a puzzle piece he has eaten.

Curious George Plays Baseball
BARCODE: 9780590413497 | PUBLISHER: Miscellaneous
PRICE: $6.90

It's another hit for Curious George! But watch out! He's hitting balls all over the place! Adapted from the Curious George film series.

Curious George Rides A Bike
BARCODE: 9780590020459 | PUBLISHER: Miscellaneous
PRICE: $6.90

When George, the monkey who lives with the man with the yellow hat, receives a bicycle as a present, his curiousity gets him in all kinds of trouble. Read by Barbara Bush. Book available.

Curious George Takes A Job
BARCODE: 9780590338929 | PUBLISHER: Miscellaneous
PRICE: $6.90

The ingenious little monkey who left the jungle so many years ago to live with the man in the yellow hat has found a place in the hearts of millions of children the world over.

Curious George The Birthday Surprise
BARCODE: 9781406300376 | PUBLISHER: Miscellaneous
PRICE: $6.90

When the man with the yellow hat tells George that he is planning a surprise, of course George is curious. Before long George finds a hat, party blowers, decorations and games.It must be a birthday. But whose birthday is it? That's the surprise!

Curious George The Dinosaur
BARCODE: 9781406313970 | PUBLISHER: Miscellaneous
PRICE: $6.90

George is going on a school trip to a museum. But it isn't as much fun as he hoped and he wanders off to explore the exhibits on his own. But when George finds a dinosaur skeleton with a very long tail the day becomes so much more entertaining!

Daisy The doughnut Fairy Story Book PB
BARCODE: 9781780653297 | PUBLISHER: Make Believe Ideas
PRICE: $8.90

Daisy and her mermaid fairy friends spend their days making delicious doughnuts, but soon they have so many, there's no room to move! All seems lost, but when Daisy spies some pirates in peril, her quick thinking leads to exciting adventure and unexpected friendships!

Daisy's Day At The Seaside
BARCODE: 9781847460400 | PUBLISHER: Miscellaneous
PRICE: $5.90

Daisy the cow wants to see the sea. But whoever heard of a farmer taking his cow to the seaside? Luckily Daisy's friend Cloud has a good idea...

DC Super Friends - Licensed Learning Series
BARCODE: 9782764318942 | PUBLISHER: Phidal
PRICE: $19.90

Help the DC Super Friends protect the city from some nasty villains as you learn to draw Super Hero shapes and objects with your magnetic pen. The magnetic drawing pad is erasable, so you can enjoy the book again and again!

Dear Dragon HB
BARCODE: 9781843225805 | PUBLISHER: Miscellaneous
PRICE: $12.90

This charming story will appeal to anyone who has ever wanted to believe in the almost impossible. With golden decoration on every page, it will delight dreamers of any age.

Dear Mother Goose
BARCODE: 9781406318326 | PUBLISHER: Miscellaneous
PRICE: $7.90

Dear Reader, my nursery rhyme friends often ask me for advice when they need help. Lift the flaps to find out how I helped to solve some of their problems. From Mother Goose

Deluxe Padded Book : Little Bear Won't Sleep
BARCODE: 9780857264947 | PUBLISHER: Alligator
PRICE: $8.90

Deluxe Padded Book : Squeak The Lion
BARCODE: 9780857264954 | PUBLISHER: Alligator
PRICE: $8.90

Dewdrop Babies : Hide & Seek
BARCODE: 9780552556545 | PUBLISHER: Miscellaneous
PRICE: $5.90

It's a hot sleepy afternoon in the garden and Bluebell and Violet are dozing happily in their spider web hammocks. Suddenly they're interrupted by a terrific thumping noise coming from Mummy Rabbit's warren. Poor Mummy Rabbit is having a terrible time with her five naughty bunnies - she just doesn't know what to do with them. So she is very pleased when Bluebell and Violet offer to play with them. Join them on a fun game of hide and seek and see whether the Dewdrop babies can find all five bunnies ...

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